Saturday, 19 July 2014

What a week it has been!!

Michael’s folks and Aunty Joan have been here to help us again J - and the motivation to complete projects with 4+ workers has been great!
As always, they have worked so much to help us achieve so much too – so the whole house has had 3 coats of paint courtesy of Michael’s Mum.  Michael’s Dad has added timber to the end of the kitchen cupboard, built our boot seat and filled in all the old hardware holes in our second-hand internal doors.  And Aunty Joan has cleaned all the windows and frames for us.  No small jobs, any of them – and such a fantastic, amazing, enormous boost to us!!


And chief supervisor, Lucy dog.
While they toiled, Michael and I also did what we could – him working on electrics and plumbing and helping everyone, everywhere – and me, some painting of walls, some painting of cupboards in the hobby room and tiling of the kitchen splashback – and plenty of cleaning in between.


Yesterday – yesterday, was a bittersweet day, a milestone! 
We said, “finished” (yes, lower case is intentional), to Harold, Pauline and Aunty Joan – and to Ryan, who was here on Thursday and Friday to finish off the architraves and bits and bobs.


So that is the end to an era for us and Ryan – I can’t imagine how he feels to drive away from this house that he has put so much time and effort into – what an amazing thing he achieves being a carpenter!  We will forever be grateful for what he has provided for us, with the help of many, many, many others.  Our home is so much more than the sum of its parts – when we look at it, we can see the sum of the love that so many have contributed – and it is a very special feeling to know we will live with that love forever.

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