Friday, 11 July 2014

More progress – yay!

I’ve taken some time off work – to spend with the kids during school holidays and work around the building site again.  It’s actually a bit scary how much I have enjoyed getting back into it…
I’ve had fun in the mud:

Because we have started the infilling – yep, building is still about digging holes and filling them back in again – and dang, this is a big hole!  And being on the end of a shovel is hard work!  And one should remember, one is of a certain age, where the joints protest the next day!   But it sure is a great step in the right direction J:


And we had the young-un help us – he’s not scared of a spade, that is for sure J:


But before the digging, I tiled the laundry floor on Wednesday J - no not perfect, but I still loved the process. (Not quite sure Michael enjoyed the cutting - there were a few exclamations at tiles breaking where it wasn’t wanted!).  Most of the ‘character’ tiles will be hidden by cupboards so no prob in the end.


And we lucked out and found the exact same wall tiles as we had bought for the bathroom, at the salvage yard yesterday, so we have enough to tile the wall behind the washing machine and trough, and a border (skirting) all around – and all for $30.  Gotta love that!

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