Thursday, 27 March 2014

What a week!  Plenty happening – but not much to see…unless you count a lot of meshing, wiring and never-ending stuffing!!!

We started and finished the northern wall – faux strawbale as it is only 75mm thick – but somewhat easier to stuff with the mesh only partially attached: 

And apparently, the ol’ ‘nail into the water pipe’ trick had to happen ;-)


(Kent the plumber has already replaced it J).
Plus the guys got the bathroom sliding door in too – in only two takes J:


See why we need to do the stuffing though – big gaps to fill in some bales (…compare seeing wood and not seeing wood):

 But, boy doesn’t it look incredible when it is all done and neat and tidy?

I think we will all need a massage and a manicure after tomorrow – when the stuffing will be finally finished – yippee!!!!!!
And a big hello to Andy’s folks back in England – he tells me you are keeping an eye on this blog – and can see how hard he has been working!

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