Saturday, 15 March 2014

Well, we are exhausted – but all baled up and progressing well J!

We didn’t quite get all the 150 bales in the walls last weekend – despite our best efforts and the wonderful help of our neighbours, Jo and Craig.


Jo and Craig already have bought and live in a strawbale house, but are going to be building an extension soonish so were keen to have a go before they tackle their home.   Thanks so much for your help guys!! (We tried to keep Jo sitting down because she is eight months pregnant – but she still wanted to help and joined me in retying thousands of bales – well, it sure felt like that many!!)
So after that busy, busy, busy weekend, Ryan and Andy were back on site and raring to go – and during the course of the week we have ended up waiting on four different supplies so it was a bit of a roundabout week – doing things as the supplies became available.  But they came through with great progress of course – laundry lined with ply; verandah ceilings all but complete with recycled colourbond (one skinny row to go); 5 windows in place and two external walls meshed and the gaps stuffed with straw (yep, still my job –and I am in pain I tell you! – and that is with Andy helping as he can).


Here is the nicest progress though:


Our front door and windows and their strawbales – all meshed and curved and ready to go J.   Loving this so much!!!  
And I can’t wait for the rendering so we can see those gorgeous curved reveals in all their glory.

Just an update to finish – Richard let me know that the R value of the strawbales being ”face-aross” has been measured – and it is higher than stacking them the normal sideways J.

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