Thursday, 12 December 2013

We’ve got fancy hips ;-) – and we like them a lot!!

Check that cut out!  An outie, then an innie (Ryan’s a bit good, isn’t he?) – because these hips (that’s a new building work I learned – this is the rafter that is on the corners of the verandah) – need to fit in with the beam like this:

Oh, and see that blue, blue sky – the weather is stunning down here this week – yay – at last!!

So the guys have got all the verandah rafters up – I love the perspective of looking at them all in a row – so, so pretty...

But it is weird the optical illusion they give to make the bush poles all look like they are leaning.

These last few days are the start of some of the fidlier parts of the job – filling in some fascias and hammering in some tie thingys (those silver things - must learn what they are called):

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