Friday, 6 December 2013

28 bushpoles all vertical – and apparently we want them to stay that way LOL!


Plus you can see – beams already too – nearly ¾ of the house done – wow!

I am making it sounds much easier than it really was – to get to here it was: weld the tie-downs on; paint them twice; concrete around them (in the centre of the plinths); lots of chainsawing; lift the bushpoles into place (it takes all 3 guys!); brace them; drill the tie-down hole; cut, clean and place the metal bar into that tie-down – and (still to come) fill the drill hole with some jarrah dowel to make it all neat.  Then there was more chainsawing and fitting the beams.  The guys did good, didn’t they?

But um, this house is looking hay-uge now!

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  1. Wow sure is going ahead really quick.....looking forward to the finished product.....well done.