Friday, 7 October 2016

The evolution of a gallery wall.

When I contacted Kristine to help with the interior design for our lounge room, it was mostly because I couldn’t picture what to put up on our gorgeous, massive, white wall.  I asked her to help with the size, positioning and a colour scheme for wall art.

After a few back and forward emails and suggestions from her, we settled on a gallery wall.

But as I was looking for images to include, and searched the internet for inspiration, finding prints of gum leaves that felt “right” just wasn’t happening…I realised that I would feel more at home with an eclectic collection of pictures and prints, that way I could use some of what I already had.
So, I asked Kristine to help me with colours and frames for the eclectic look instead, and she came up with this beautiful design and helped me with exact sizes and everything!

So I printed off this image and after analysing quite a few online eclectic gallery wall images that I liked, I came up with a list of images that were personal to me so would be meaningful to have on our wall. 
This is my list:
Botanical illustrations
Botanical prints
Family photos
Words/inspirational quotes
Upper case letter/Initials

From here, I narrowed it down to what I really liked:

Antlers; icon; quote; family photo; native plants; butterflies.  Since I already knew my colour scheme – whitish/gumleaf green/autumns – I just had to hunt around my house for items that would work.

Then I hit a bit of a snag – most of the frames I had and/or found in the op shops were not big enough – oh well, I plodded along and spent a few weeks setting them out on my table to see how they looked:

I had fully planned to put them up as a continuous gallery on the wall, as Kristine had depicted, but when I got the first four on the wall, it was very apparent that they were dwarfed by the wall – so some on the spot position and frame changes have led to this being the gallery wall of the moment:

I really like these items so it is lovely to look at them and acknowledge why they are important to me.  I am not sure this will be the final incarnation of the gallery wall though, because this is all only on the left of the fireplace – so my problem of what to do across the wall as a whole remains – but I think I have a vision developing as we progress decorating our lounge room J.

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