Saturday, 23 April 2016

A wonderfully busy week of garden happenings too since we have been home :-).

My Honey has been hard at it on the bobcat – he didn’t stop for 3 days!

This rock wall was lowered a little as he had previously taken out some of the driveway to correct the drainage.  

Of course, the garden bed had to be lowered a bit too – look how lovely it looks now.  There are two transplanted lavenders in there (we grew them from cuttings stuck straight in the ground closer to the house) – and they have had a nice soak of seaweed liquid to help them settle in – here’s hoping they like their new garden bed.  Oh, and if you look at the end of the garden bed you might see the twin pineapple we decided to transplant too – really hoping it might get a bit more heat here and actually fruit – still a pretty long shot though…

The orchard got the love it needed – lots of mumby magic, covered with old straw and some rocky soil put in between the trees to plant up the chook fodder food forest next month:

And finally, an unexpected bonus of those many hours of earthworks – this walkway/driveway between the house and the shed no longer looks like a building site – yay!

Next month it will be planted up with baby natives – just waiting for the rain to be on the reliable side.

But today was “below ground” planting day (moon gardening) so these went in today:

Oh, and plus some sprouted ends of the Kipfler potatoes I had in the pantry :-). 

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