Sunday, 21 February 2016

So I am back again again :-)!

The back to school rush has kept us busy, and that won’t stop anytime soon with back to uni/extra work commitments/extra volunteer roles/kids activities all resumed or resuming this coming week.

We have visited family :-) so that was a lovely weekend away.

And I have made more cheese – the mascarpone made some lovely orange and mascarpone icecream and the wonderful Freddy made a tiramisu – yum!

The feta unfortunately I am calling a ‘learning opportunity’ (= failure :-().  It came out ok but the brine was way, way, way too salty (I did actually follow the recipe quantities…) and it was very smooth on the outside, not dryish like I am used to – so next time I will use the loose weave muslin and see if that makes a difference – and I will be very ginger on the salt for the brine!

Rosy Roger has been joined in the rooster crowing brigade by Big Al (our bantam Favarolle rooster) – and by Fred (one of the Black mottled Wyandottes) – who we are still hoping is a girl!!  But I fear it is looking like we might have another 4 roosters "-( - all the Wyandottes are looking like they have the long feathers developing on the necks…watch this space, if you see a few chicken dinners…well you will know why….
Here are Roger, and Midnight and Fred - what do we reckon???

We had some hot weather a week or so ago – the strawbales did their job nicely :-).

And I have been Kon Mari-ing the house :-).  It is working well for me – soooo much stuff has left this house!  The linen cupboard was the last to get a make-over.

Before and After.

I like it so much better now.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure - black gold my friends, this here is black gold!

My very own home-made compost – l.o.v.e. IT!

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