Friday, 9 January 2015

Last Monday was an interesting day!

Good = 37o outside, 23 inside J.  And that’s with us all just coming and going as usual – these strawbales are doing lovely things to keep us cool and cosy.

Not so good = bushfire alert L.  We could see and smell smoke in the late afternoon and while we were searching for info on the internet, got the phone call to put our survival plan into action.  The kids and us followed through our survival plan very well and were ready for evacuating if we needed to but we are very glad to say the bushfire was under control within an hour.  This was a perfect outcome all around – we got to test out our practice bushfire drills – and confirm their worth.

(And blow me down – I look outside after typing this up on Thursday – and see smoke again!).  Luckfully, it looks like it is blowing away.

Here’s another sunflower photo instead:


Did you know sunflowers don’t follow the sun?  Can you see it glaring there in the side/background?  Its late afternoon in this photo so the sun is approximately west – these sunflowers are therefore facing approx. north and the one in the back, east!  They seem to like east best, most are facing that way.  I do reckon they moved with the sun when the tiny flower buds first formed, but once the head was ‘set’ they seem to stay put.   Will have to observe closer with the next batch.

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