Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ya know, if it wasn’t for the date on this computer I wouldn’t know what day it is.
Yes we have been that busy, that exhausted and now, sickly – ah the price you pay for burning the candle at both ends…

So, we are still sleeping in the house J - I knew there would be no getting Michael back into the caravan – and no complaints from me or the kids either.
But still there is not much more furniture in here – just a couple of (empty) sets of drawers and the dining table.  Just too tired to move more in – and most of it needs painting to bring it into this ‘new home’ colour scheme – so that is another factor – we will get there…

But we are on a mission to be prepared to move much more ‘stuff’ in this coming weekend – the outlaws are on their way over to help us again J – so rain or shine – we will at least have cooking supplies, foodstuffs and clothes in I reckon – and crafty goodness J - and a head start on some furniture too probably.  Can’t wait!
There is still the bug factor too as to why we haven’t rushed to move in – I have been vacuuming every second/third day – the whole house! – and it is so much easier to vacuum empty floors than know the lil’ critters are hiding behind our lovely furniture!  This is Plan C – intimidation!  I figure if we move in, us (being about a gazillion times bigger than them) will scare them out!!  Ha, take that booklice/barklice – be ye gone!!!

We were so close to nuking them – bought the flea bombs and everything – but with the worldwide evidence always coming back to chemicals are never guaranteed, usually only work ‘so-so’ and getting the humidity down is a 100% - well, we decided to wait it out a bit longer – and do the scare tactic too.  Hey, maybe if we dress up for Halloween, that will really scare them out…worth a shot anyway – and will at least be fun to try J.
Anyway, here is why we are so tired:

Paving has started!!  And take note of this lovely selection of colours (yes, all from the salvage yard) – it will help explain the ‘character’ of paving patterns ;-).
My honey emailed me a photo at work last Tuesday lunchtime:

And by Friday afternoon he had got to here:

Wow, so good!!
My contribution has been carrying plenty of pavers across before and after work.  And the kids have carried quite a few too.  Man, they are HEAVY!!!  I can carry a max. of 5 – so I figured they must weigh at least a couple of kilos each (concrete pavers they are) – but I decided to weigh one on my kitchen scales – a quarter piece weighed approx. 1.3kg!!!!  That makes a full paver about 5kg – five point zero kilograms EACH.  Darn, darn, darn heavy in any language!!! 

Hey, just for fun, let’s do the math.  There are 25 pavers per square meter – that’s 125kg lifted, carried and placed per square meter, right?  We have 210m2 to do the verandah – so (work with me here) 125 x 210 = too bloody much = we are loco, crazy, MAD!!!

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