Monday, 4 August 2014

Some lovely progress last week.
My honey has been up a ladder:

So we could have this!

 And the teenager could have his “way cool” light too:

 Which goes from that, to this!

Definitely speccy!
And the wonderful Jeff the Joiner brought over our bathroom vanity top – so gorgeous as always. 

I can’t wait until the bathroom is finished – I’ve got decorating plans!!
But before then, I am now onto Plan B for the bugs:

This is borax – a 'natural' bug killer, it is a salt and dries them out – people say it works…I have been doing some more research...because I needed to.   We returned Kenny (the hire dehumidifier) as he had been here 3+ weeks and we thought it was time.  We knew the bugs weren’t fully gone, but we thought we would see where they were at, and some websites say the life cycle can be up to 100 days L.  Now I am not sure if it was a good idea to return Kenny because we had a few days of population explosion – so we started Plan B.  There sure are plenty of dead bodies again, but still too many still moving around too L.  I will leave the borax out for another week or so, by which time we will actually be finished! 
Yes, finished-owner-building!!  August 9th is the day – the day our building permit expires.

It is exciting to be typing that J – but we won’t be moving into our home straight away – for the bug reason and because we will need to ‘finish’ off some other things anyway some painting (maybe we will do it, and maybe we will wait); shelving in the cupboards, paving the verandah, putting in the clothes line, getting the energy to actually move all our furniture...  So we will have some time after we are ‘finished’ to empty out the house completely of the cardboard, tools and bits that are cluttering it up and then, give it a good, sparkling clean and really see what the bugs are doing (maybe by removing the cardboard, which is a potential food source, we will be in a position to kill them off – maybe get the humidity right down for another 3 week spell???, maybe Plan C??? – actually not sure I have a plan C yet…)
But of course, we really want to be moving in!!!

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