Friday, 30 August 2013

The story so far:
So the kids are getting older and had started to make noises about moving 1600km away (school and uni) – what’s a mum to do – but start thinking about moving too!  We knew the approximate locale we wanted and started to look for the perfect house – eco-built, shed for the hubby and a hobby room for me and my crafts.  Plus room for the backyard farm we have always wanted.

Yeah – no such luck with that order!!
But we found a block we really liked that fit the bill – but I specifically didn’t want to build! – so we journeyed back home and kept an eye on the property market from afar.

Our next visit down to house-hunt, led us back to the one same conclusion – no house that fit our wants and that nice block we really liked!  So, after a long, hard think we bought it.  Yay!
Then the fun began – we had a year before we left the town we had known for 15-26 years – and plenty of house designing, building, packing and moving on the ‘to do’ list!!!

Sounded easy at the time – I didn’t want to build, so we would take the sensible route and get a builder to do it all – eco builders are around right and how hard could it be to find one?!  How hard could it be to find one, and get on with building our dream house to be ready in one year?
Waaaayyyy too hard, it turned out.

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